17 things to do in NYC on Christmas

I’ve meant to do this blog post since the end of November, but who I’m kidding; I’m the greatest procrastinator. However, There is still some time until Christmas, and New Year, so you might finish this list if you’re sassy enough. Myself, I like reading what-to-see lists (I never follow them though), so I’ve decided this one may be useful for some of you who’re planning to visit New York this Holiday season.
Without further ado, here are 17 things to see and do in NYC this Christmas.
1. Visit Santa’s Village at Macy’s Herald Square and say hi to Santa
2. Check out 5th Avenue Holiday Windows
3. Shop at Union Square Holiday Market6565595805_ac306fedb4_o
4. Take a selfie under Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and Swarovski Star
5. Go to Brooklyn to see the real fairytale aka Dyker Heights’ Holiday Lights
6. Walk through the life-size gingerbread houses in Madison Square Park
7. Watch Austin McCormick’s erotic reimagining of Nutcracker – Company XIV: Nutcracker Rouge
8. Shop at Aerie’s holiday pop-up storeImage result for Wollman Rink
9. Ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park
10. Go to FAO Schwarz, and try to tap toes on the giant floor piano keyboardImage result for palace hotel nyc christmas
11. Stay at Lotte New York Palace on Christmas night
12. See a holiday train show at the New York City Transit Museum in Grand Central Terminal
13. Go to New York City Ballet to watch The Nutcracker
14. Visit Bryant Park Winter Village Image result for metropolitan museum of art christmas tree
15. Do the museum’s spree: Met’s fashion exhibition and Origami Holiday Tree at the American Museum of Natural History are must
16. Go Christmas caroling – on Christmas Eve, go to Washington Square Arch where all gather to sing traditional holiday songs at 5 pm
17. Eat at The NoMad – and check amazing Christmas Tree and Decor

5 best nail polishes for december

You guys know how I love the fall season and all things it brings. But December in New York still looks pretty much like autumn with some yellow and red leaves and still not that chilly air. Winter nail polishes are my favorite because there are so many options! For the month of December, I’ve picked a few super festive polishes that will bring you joy right away! 

Tara by Zoyadsc_0003This is a rich neutral purple color that looks amazing in the winter time. This is a bold option for those who are risky enough to wear some black leather and studs – or, at least, a leather choker and stacked rings. 

Finley by ZoyayferpnjnjicThis is one of my all time favorites. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of days now,  and must admit that the formula is just amazing: it doesn’t cheap off, it’s easy to apply, and the color is so beautiful everywhere I go people ask we what I’m wearing on my nails. Honestly, I think it’s a perfect nail polish for night outs and dancing, and the New Year’s Eve.

Midnight Affair (872) by Sally Hansen Salon ManicureI love Sally Hansen Salon Manicure formula, it’s easy to apply, and it stays forever on your nails, at least four days without chipping, and the brush is very thick and picks up the perfect amount of product. The navy blue is such a winter shade, and it’s super versatile so you can wear it to school, office, party or romantic dinner.

Janel by Zoyadsc_0027If you know me a bit, you know how I love red manicure. This warm red with wine undertones has made all the way from fall into winter because it’s so versatile and could be worn on any occasion as it’s not super bright.

Diva by Zoyadsc_0008Yet another red (surely, by Zoya). This one is perfect for any day of the week and every month of the year. It’s a classic blue red that suits any skin color and even though it’s so bright, it could be worn from morning to night. 

bookclub: four books to read in December

As you guys probably remember, last month I’ve started a monthly book club: each month I’ll share with you a few books that I’m planning to read – or already read and want to share with you. December is such a whimsical and mysterious month, and we all have some beliefs regarding Christmas and New Year – even those of us who say they don’t really care.
That’s why I’ve picked only books about magic, mysteries, and sorcery and I hope you guys will find it handy and pick one or two from my ‘books to read in December’ to read yourself. Also, leave your book picks for December in comments! Otherwise, let’s start with my favorite one!
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Out of all Harry Potter books (including the Cursed Child), this one is my favorite. It’s very warm, cozy, light and it has this incredible Hogwarts atmosphere without drama and angry Harry, yelling at everyone around. Originally, I wanted to mention Chamber of Secrets or Prisoner of Azkaban, but realized, that the cheerful Christmas atmosphere is strongest in the first book.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Yet another J. K. Rowling creation. Honestly, I don’t really remember what’s it about as I read it partially many (many) years ago when it just came out – I believe, it was early 2000’s. However, I want to read the whole piece and to watch the movie that came out in November (because Colin Farrell, duh). Image result for christmas carol and other christmas stories
A Christmas Carol
Scrooge character has always been thought to be an interpretation of Charles Dickens himself. While traveling through the past, present, and future in the company of Christmas’ ghosts, he is ultimately transformed from an arrogant, obstinate, and insensitive miser to a generous, warm-hearted, and caring human being. It’s a novel everyone should read – just to remember of all the blessings and gifts that we have.
When I was a child, my mother took me to see the ballet version of Hoffmann’s book (wich I never actually read). And I can still recall the feelings I had – so, this December I’ve decided to read the book and create my own vision of characters and the plot: simple and charming and filled with dreams, endless possibilities of childhood imagination and towns made of sugar and icing.

6 ways to cozy up for winter

It’s finally December, and I couldn’t be more happy about it! The year is almost over, and though I know it’s just a day on my calendar, I still somehow believe in the magic of the New Year’s Eve. Also, I believe that we are responsible for how we feel during the Holiday Season: depressed and stressed out – or full of joy and hopes. I like to set the mood myself, and I’ve decided to share with you six simple ways to cozy up for winter and make this season truly bright, cozy and warm.Image result for christmas 5sos layout
Candles are your best friends
Honestly, I feel that lighting a few candles is the best way to give your apartment a cozy vibe. My favorite candle for this season is Marshmellow Fireside by BBW, but you can choose any scent you like, or non-scented candle – or even a flameless candle. The point is that fire has a warm light to it and warm-colored light helps your eyes to relax.
Create your own nook
Whether you live in a big house or a small city apartment, you need a little space where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Put a nice thick rug, throw a couple of pillows and a cozy blanket, decorate with a tray with candles and paper books – and your own, personal piece of coziness is done!
Add more throw pillows, blankets, and plants
You might think: what’s the connection? Green plants will bring a pop of color -and you can also buy few pancetta plants that will bring festivity to any room. Pick up throws and pillows in gray, red and white color palette with some festive details: like reindeer or mistletoe print. baby its cold outside pillwo_
Buy a cute Christmasy mug
I have a little tradition: every year I buy a new Christmas but to cheer myself up. Another alternative – Starbucks red cups, they are (almost) always super cute and festive. Drinking your morning coffee from a lovely mug is an excellent way to start the day off.
Splurge on comfy and festive accessories
You deserve a nice gift for yourself: a cute hat, cozy scarf, chunky Christmas sweater or socks- whatever makes you feel a bit more excited for the upcoming cold season. As for me, I wear UGG boots only in winter, so every year I buy myself a new pair and feel super festive and cozy! tumblr_nxibvganfe1udn3oso1_500Change your wallpaper
It might seem too childish, but changing your phone and laptop background is the easiest way to set your mood. We all use our phones very often (too often) so seeing a nice Christmasy picture can make the day not so sucking. Or, even better, you can buy a festive case! Image result for Christmas Day

I really hope you guys like my little list of how to cozy up for winter, and I’d love to learn about yours, so leave them in the comment section!

learning to give thanks and be grateful

First and formal: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who’re celebrating this day! For me, Thanksgiving day doesn’t have the meaning it has for most Americans I know (because I’m from Moscow), but last year I started my own little tradition to sit and write down all the little things I’m grateful for.
So many times I’ve been told (and read in books/articles) that learning to be grateful is one of the core things to find your inner peace and joy, so I thought: why not? The only problem is that I know what I should be grateful for – but I don’t feel it. At least, I didn’t before. However, there so many changes happened in my life these past two months, and now I’m learning to be happy again after many, many years of being truly unhappy.
However, last year I decided that since then I will count my blessings each year on his day – as many of them as my age. When I just started, I thought I’ll never make it even to 5 things – but in the end, I’ve realized that I have much more of them.
If you don’t know where to start, I can give you a little help here. Sit back, and take a breath. Then, look around: what do you see? Think of all those little things you do on a daily basis: drink coffee, eat waffles with fresh berries, do grocery shopping, play with your cat – or just enjoy your favorite book while laying in warm bed. Any of these things worth to be on your list if it makes your life better (or easier) – if you weren’t born in this time and place, you might be unable to have all of this. I’m sorry if it sounds way too preachy, but it just the way it is.

Как вы знаете, в этот день американцы отмечают День Благодарения, и хоть я не вкладываю в этот праздник тот же смысл, для меня этот день тоже имеет значение. Много раз я читала и слышала, что умение быть благодарным – одна из основ внутренней гармонии и счастья, поэтому в прошлом году (не самом лучшем в моей жизни), я решила завести традицию: каждый День Благодарения записывать все то, за что я благодарна, по одному пункту на каждый прожитый мной год.
Проблема была лишь в том, что я знала, что должна быть благодарна – но я не чувствовала благодарности. Поначалу я думала, что в моем списке не наберется и пяти пунктов (но ошиблась).
Если вы так же находитесь в растерянности и не видите ничего хорошего, то просто сядьте, сделайте глубокий вдох и оглянитесь по сторонам. Подумайте обо всех тех крошечных вещах, которые вы делаете каждый день: вкусный кофе и завтрак, покупки в магазине, чтение интересной книги в теплой постели. Все, что делает жизнь хоть чуть лучше (или проще), заслуживает быть в списке того, за что вы благодарны, ведь если бы вы не родились здесь и сейчас, вы полне могли бы не обладать всем этим.
И как бы пафосно это ни звучало, но это реальность.

fall favorites 2016: makeup, skincare, scents and more

As I said many times, I love fall season more than any other time of the year: gold and red leaves under your feet, chilly mornings, pouring rain and soft music in coffee shops. What could possibly be better? However, here in New York, we don’t really have actual autumn until November, and this year I didn’t feel the pleasure of fall time at all. Last three months passed by as fast as the rest of the year (and I’m glad, to be honest), and now is the time to talk you through things I’ve been enjoying this season. So, here are my fall favorites for 2016. dsc_0003
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Nosferatu (Nahz Fur Atoo)dsc_0006
If you’re looking for a true matte lipstick that will stay forever, this one is for you. Even though it won’t survive dinner, it almost doesn’t transfer onto glassware if you set it with powder. The Nosferatu is a blood crimson color with cool undertones to it that whiten your teeth.
Benefit ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color and Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel (both in color 3)dsc_0012
My eyebrows are uneven and not as full as I would like them to be, so I always try new brow products. This duo is amazing, as it gives more fullness and color to my brows while keeping it natural. And, it stays all day.
They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara by Benefitdsc_0010
I used to hate Benefit’s mascaras ever since Roller Lash, but this one has changed my mind. I love the brush and the formula: it’s not too dry or too wet, dries fast and creates a beautiful natural look that I always go for.
Zoya Nail Polishes in Hannah and Janel
dsc_0013These two reds are possibly not just fall favorites but one of all times favorites of mine. Hannah is a classic blue-ish red that looks perfect for any season and any occasion. Janel is a more dark, burgundy red that is perfect for the fall. I also love the formula: it dries much faster than my Essie polishes, and it’s full coverage, so two coats are always enough.
Pacifica Island Vanilla Hand Creamdsc_0014
You guys know that I’m usually skeptical about organic skincare, but this one actually works. It won’t heal your dry skin but is good to prevent dryness. I like the scent too; it’s a bit sweet, a bit fresh and not very strong, so it won’t overpower your perfume.
Bath And Body Works Candle in Marshmallow Pumpkin Lattedsc_0009
I was obsessed with scents since I was around twelve, including candles. No wonder, that I love BBW (like everyone, duh). However, in last years I became a bit too sensitive to scents, and it’s hard for me to pick a scent that is not too strong for me. I liked this marshmallow pumpkin latte one because of the smell is a bit sweet, a bit fresh and it’s very light. It has notes of pumpkin latte, toasted marshmallow, praline musk, creamy sandalwood and white ginger.
Tuberose by Rojadsc_0021
Just to be clear: this is not a favorite perfume of mine, but I’ve decided to include it on this list because it has the prettiest and sophisticated packaging, Plus, I’m very determined to fall in love with this scent that has a heart nose of tuberose, the hardest flower to work with. Tuberose has always reminded me of self: it’s hard to handle but if you can, it’s beautiful.
These were my fall favorites, now, share yours in comments!

check out the most romantic restaurant of Florence

15-11-2016_p8tukfb7texlqclefnIt might be just mid-November, but the time flies, and you won’t even notice when it’s already February- and February means just one thing: St. Valentine’s Day. I know so many people that hate this day because it’s so hard to impress your partner after all the romantic movies she or he watched where people somehow manage to pass three controls in the airport without having a ticket.
However, I personally believe that nothing bits an old-school date with a great dinner and a long walk. And as Paris in February is absolutely depressive, take your date to Florance and impress her with the one of a kind experience at Borgo San Jacopo, the Michelin-starred restaurant of Hotel Lungarno. While just the hotel building is already a Florensian masterpiece that is a Renaissance splendor of Florence itself, Borgo San Jacopo will make a perfect location for your romantic dinner or to celebrate a special occasion.
You can enjoy the view of the Florentine river while enjoying Tuscan and Italian cuisine interpreted by the Michelin-starred chef Peter Brunel and desserts by Loretta Fanella.
If you’re planning to spend in Florance more time, you should visit one of the Spoon nights at the restaurant, where you can participate in gastronomical theme nights and taste five courses menus by the chef Peter Brunel who combines tradition with innovation to create his gastronomical masterpieces.
Now, when your mouth is already watering, go to Lungarno Collection website and check it out yourself! Buzzoole

10 ways to relax: alcohol and online shopping excluded

Life can be stressful sometimes, and we all need a place and activity to distress and unwind from time to time. Whether it was a busy day/week or you’re just feeling overwhelmed, I personally find that doing simple things that don’t require any extra activity or imagination is the best way to relax and recharge. I hope my ten ways to relax will come handy and you’ll enjoy your time!
1. write something
Even if you’re not a writer and never enjoyed literature class at school, writing helps you to make up your mind and clean your thoughts. Whatever it will be, journaling, fan fiction, novels or screenplays, writing can calm down and inspire you to make more out of your life.
2. sing alone
You may not be Adele, but it shouldn’t stop you from having fun: play your favorite tune and sing alone for 30 minutes and you’ll notice that your stress has stepped back. I personally prefer to start with sad/angry songs and slowly move to more cheerful tunes.
3. listen to instrumental music
Try to avoid loud music that has a drum in it, and go for more light and gentle melodies. It doesn’t have to be classic music you can listen to instrumental versions of your favorite songs as long as they are soft and calming.
4. clean up your apartment
Routine work helps you to calm your thoughts. Divide your apartment into sections and clean up one section at a time. It’s not just a nice way to relax when your frustrated or bored, but will also improve your life when you finally trash all those junk you’ve collected so far.
5. read
Again, it doesn’t have to be Crime and Punishment. You can go online and google anything that comes to your mind, or read a fanfic on your favorite movie or book, or you can read about this day hundred year ago. Any reading can help you to stop thinking about your problems and travel into other reality at least for 30 minutes. I would suggest excluding any current news and Twitter (because it’s full of crap).
6. enjoy the life behind your window
You don’t have to go outside, don’t worry. Just sit on your window seal (put a chair near the window) and watch. It’s calming to look at the passersby while you are in the comfort of your own home. I, sometimes, like to lay on the floor/bed and look up at the sky.
7. come up with outfits for the upcoming week
If you’re someone like me, your everyday struggle is “I hate this,” “this is too small,” “God, why I bought this” and “oh, fuck it, I’ll wear the same as yesterday.” If you’re already late, picking clothes for the day is a hell of a stressor, so I would recommend to take some time and come up with a few different “emergency” outfits that will save your nerves (and time) when you in a rush.
8. watch a movie
NOT just a movie. A movie that you love with all of your heart, the one you saw literally 14689 times and you still love it. You need to have a movie that is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re sad, happy, stressed or bored. If you don’t have such movie yet, it’s a perfect time to find it. (btw, I love Taxi (2,3,4) a lot).
9. clean your laptop/phone
You have no idea how much trash you have on your devices until you actually go and start cleaning it up. Delete all the music you don’t listen anymore, all the photos that you don’t find meaningful and all those apps you have no idea why you downloaded them.
10. make a list of 10 things you are thankful for
When we’re sad, we tend to forget about good things in our lives and focus only on how bad we feel and what we don’t have. However, we always want people to be grateful that we do something for them and we get angry if they’re not. Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with even one thing, but be persistent and in the end, you’ll notice that you went farther than just ten.

a letter to self

(на русском под фото)

Recently, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for future blog posts and came up with this little idea: to write myself a letter and tell all those things that no one ever told me. This letter to self is also my letter to all of you who sometimes feels too lonely to be happy (or even to not be miserable) – I hope, this won’t last long.

My Dear Self,
I don’t know if you now live in my past or future; if you’re happy or falling into despair – I just want to be there for you. There were times in my life when everything was as it should be – there were times when I didn’t know why all those things are happening to me. And there were times when I wish I could turn back the time. Is that familiar to you?
Tonight, I’ve been dreaming, and in my dream, I choose to wake up and not to follow Death even though I wanted to go with her to see someone I lost years ago. When I woke up, I felt regret. The voice in my head told me that I should follow that old lady because I don’t have much here to hold on to.
When I analyzed this thought, I felt a bit scared as I’ve realized, that I truly believe that my life is not worth living. That was the moment when I’ve decided to write you a letter and tell you that you never should feel (or think) that way. I know, your wishes haven’t come true, and people in your life have hurt you badly – some of them keep on hurting you. This too shall pass. Maybe, you don’t find comfort in these words as you not as wise as King Solomon used to be – and that’s fine. You just need to believe that it’s a bad day, week, month and year – but it’s not a bad life.
I now remember so many times when I thought that it couldn’t be worse – and see, that some of those times were good times overall. You need to remember that you can only say if something was right or wrong when some time passed, and you can see all the consequences and the big picture. I just want you to believe in that honestly, and believe that the Universe is always on your side, and it will give you everything you need and want – at the right time. Just be ready to receive the gifts.
And, one last thing: always remember that you are loved. Even when you feel like no one’s there by your side – someone always loves you.


Недавно я проводила время за поиском вдохновения для новых постов здесь, на блоге, и в голову мне пришла (гениальная?) идея: написать себе письмо, в котором я смогу сказать себе то, чего мне никто когда не говорил. Это письмо к самому себе – и к вам, кто чувствует себя слишком одиноким, чтобы быть счастливым (или хотя бы не быть несчастным).

Милая Я,
Мне неизвестно, живешь ли ты в моем прошлом или будущем, счастлив ли ты или погружен в пучину отчаяния – я просто хочу быть с тобой. В моей жизни были времена, когда все складывалось так, как должно было – были времена, когда я не могла понять, почему все это происходит со мной. Я задавалась вопросом: за что? И были времена, когда я мечтала повернуть время вспять.
Сегодня я спала и во сне ко мне пришла смерть и предложила пойти за ней, чтобы я могла встретить человека, которого она забрала у меня. Я выбрала проснуться, потому что у меня было много обязанностей и я не могла уйти с ней. Проснувшись, я чувствовала сожаление: голос в моей голове твердил, что я должна была последовать за старухой, потому что в моей жизни мне не за что держаться.
Спустя время. поанализировав эту мысль, я ощутила страх, когда поняла, что в тот момент я искренне верила, что моя жизнь не стоит того, чтобы ее проживать. В этот момент я решила написать тебе и сказать, что ты никогда не должна так чувствовать (или думать). Я знаю, твои мечты не сбылись, а люди причиняли и причиняют тебе боль. Но это тоже пройдет. Возможно, ты не найдешь в себе мудрости Соломона и эти слова не принесут тебе утешения – и это тоже нормально. Ты просто должен верить, что это плохой день, месяц, год – но не плохая жизнь.
Сейчас я вспоминаю столько моментов, когда мне казалось, что хуже и быть не может, – и вижу, что некоторые из них были одними из лучших периодов моей жизни, просто тогда я этого не осознавала. Ты должна помнить, что ты не можешь знать, произошло что-то хорошее или плохое, до тех пор, пока время не принесет последствия и ты сможешь увидеть картину целиком. Это то, во что ты должна искренне поверить, поверить в то, что Вселенная всегда на твоей стороне и всегда дает тебе то, что тебе нужно и то, что ты желаешь, – в то время, когда это должно произойти, тебе лишь нужно быть готовой принять это.
И ты всегда должна помнить, что любима, даже в те моменты, когда кажется, что рядом с тобой нет никого – кто-то всегда любит тебя.

С любовью,

bookclub: 4 books to read in november

(на русском после фото)

Probably, you didn’t know that, but I’ve always been a bookworm – at least when I was in my teens. Now, I’ve decided to try and fell in love with reading again – and to ask all of you guys to join me on this journey. The book club will now be a monthly thing on my blog where I’ll share my reading plans with you, and I hope you’re gonna enjoy it!

1. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
Probably, you’ve already read (and re-read) it, but if you haven’t now is the time. As I’m a screenwriter, I absolutely enjoyed the play, now the story doesn’t have too many slugs and is focused on characters not the world around them. Probably, it’s the reason why many of those I talked to didn’t feel the “Harry Potter magic atmosphere,” but I personally didn’t care at all. I love that Rowling has finally lost her black and white personalities and let us see the different sides of characters. I loved Draco and Hermione’s relationships. And Albus and Scorpius, OH MY GOD, they are perfect.
2. The Wuthering Heights
I loved this book before I’ve read it. It’s an excellent book to read outside on a cold and windy day when you seat on a bench all covered with a huge blanket. An almost empty coffee shop works too. This tragic and painful love story is probably the most beautiful, deep and touching book I’ve ever come across. And, it’s probably one of the few truthful stories that are out there.
3. The Vanity Fair
This is the book I’ve been trying to finish for a year now. It’s a classic English literature, with so many characters that there is no way to remember all of them (especially, considering the fact they share names sometimes). And, oh Lord, there’s so much wordiness in there! However, I still recommend to read it this November: first, it’s written in classic English, and it’s a good story about different people that all have same things in their minds – so it’s a great piece of a psychology text.
4. Hello Sadness
Many of you would probably think that Francoise Sagan’s novels are more of a light summertime reading, but I truly believe that Hello Sadness is perfect for November as it reminds of warmth and sunny afternoons – things, you cannot find in November (unless you live in the Islands). And, it’s a nice story about Paris and artists wich is always a nice combo!dphv89txdxsВероятно, вы не знаете этого обо мне, но подростком я обожала читать, но в какой-то момент потеряла эту страсть так же, как и страсть ко многим другим моим увлечениям. Но как бы там ни было, этой осенью я решила заново открыть в себе эту страсть – и надеюсь, вы разделите мой энтузиазм. Для этого я решила устроить ежемесячную рубрику “книжный клуб”, где буду делиться с вами несколькими книгами, идеально подходящими (по моему мнению) для грядущего месяца. 

1. Гарри Поттер и Проклятое Дитя
Наверняка вы уже прочли новое творение Роулинг, но если нет – то сейчас самое время. Как сценарист, я была в восторге от формы подачи истории, поскольку теперь вместо не слишком важных описаний волшебного мира все внимание состредоточено на героях. Что мне понравилось, так это то, что характеры персонажей перестали быть черно-белыми, и появились новые грани их личностей. Отношения Драко и Гермионы – то, чего я всегда ждала от этих двоих. Ох, и, конечно Альбус и Скорпиус- они идеальны.
2. Грозовой Перевал
Мне кажется, я полюбила эту книгу прежде, чем прочла ее. Это идеальное чтение для холодного, промозглого и ветренного дня, когда можно сидеть на скамейке укутавшись в теплый плед и наслаждаться одной из самых красивых и печальных историй любви. Я люблю Перевал именно из-за этой правдивой болезненности.
3. Ярмарка Тщеславия
Откровенно говоря, я уже год мучаю эту книгу и никак не могу закончить. Абсолютно классическая английская литература с таким количеством персонажей, что почти невозможно запомнить их всех (не говоря уже о том, что у некоторых из них одинаковые имена), и такое количество ненужных деталей, что иногда приходится продираться через текст (я люблю описания, но в стиле Пруста). Однако сам сюжет очень захватывающ, а персонажи и их истории являются собой прекрасный пример психологической литературы.
4. Здравствуй, Грусть
Обычно произведения Франсуазы Саган считаются летним легким чтивом, однако мне кажется, что эта новелла идеальна для Ноября, поскольку напоминает о теплых солнечных днях, которые в это время не найти, если только вы не живете где-то в Карибском архипелаге. И сама история, разворачивающаяся в Парижеском бомонде, просто идеальна для того, чтобы расслабиться после трудного дня.