Hot Summer Nights Lingerie

Hot summer nights…. Lately, I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and I’ve decided to explore the world of lingerie and found this amazing website that has dozens of super cute stuff, including lounge wear.

I usually shop at VS for something on the sexy yet not slutty side, and I was really surprised to find something with the same nice quality and pretty designs. This Dark Romance Black Camisole with Shorts immediately stole my heart.
It’s a little bit see-through, so when you put it on you immediately feel super sexy and seductive – but since it’s black and doesn’t have many details except lace, it doesn’t look too much or vulgar.

The fabric is super soft and almost weightless – which is perfect for those hot summer nights. OR, you can wear it in winter to add some warmth – #yaknowhatimean.

So guys, what’s your favorite lingerie brand?

6 thoughts on “Hot Summer Nights Lingerie

  1. That is such pretty lingerie! I can see why you fell in love with it! Fabulous photos too. Hmmm.. I’m not sure what my favorite brand is. I guess I do always find myself going for VS too, but I’ll have to give this shop a try the next time I’m in the market! 🙂

  2. I love lingerie shopping. The lace detail on this is so nice. What a great find. Always so nice to find something you really love.
    I am not tied to any particular brand for underwear. As long as it’s comfortable and makes me feel great that’s all that really matters to me. 🙂


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