Why I Don’t Believe In Feminism

Okay, I’m expecting something like “unfollowing you everywhere,” “you’re stupid b*tch” and so on, so on. Whatever. Recently, my Instagram feed got taken over by posts on feminism walk (march, whatever) and I seriously got tired of all these crap. I won’t even tell how ridiculous was old slut, Madonna, fighting for her right to stay a slut (okay, that’s harsh).
So, why I’m not a feminist in any case? I don’t believe we’re equal – not the way feminism reclaims it to be. I believe that we all are equal as human beings, we all deserve love and happiness, but not in social life. Maybe it’s my genes that tell me that social equality has never existed and won’t ever exist in future. There will always be servants and masters, and there always will be inequality. The same goes for women and men equality: we are different, why should we act and be treated alike? I’m a woman, and I want to be treated like a one.
It’s cool that I can vote (I never voted). It’s cool I can work as engineer, mechanic or locksmith – I never will. All of these I’ll trade for the society, where men offer a woman a seat, carry her bags and where there are no such things as Dutch dates.
Feminism didn’t bring anything that worth losing the chivalry as a way of life: home abuse – here; rapes – checked; disrespect – already here. Yes, a woman can sue her husband for beating the shit out of her (unlikely, considering the statistics) but it won’t change that fact that he actually put his hand on a woman.
And, honestly, I’m fine with my 79 cents until I feel like a woman when I’m with my man.

4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Believe In Feminism

  1. It is true. I think everyone has the right to feel certain way about it. My experience is that since I am a mother, I feel such a pressure from society that definitely is not fair. Go through pregnancy, deliver a baby, raise your baby, take care of family, have a great sky rocketing career and last but not least bring a big paycheck every month. And look damn good while ticking all these boxes:) I dont think any man could handle it, and some of us woman do.
    xoxo Sharka

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