5 things to do on lonely christmas/new year

Let me just say: my idea of a perfect Christmas/New Year’s Eve is a small village house with panoramic windows surrounded by snow covered evergreen trees and mountains, a huge Christmas tree, a fireplace with a sheepskin in front of it, and a person I love right by my side. However, this year I only have a Christmas tree that has already dried out pretty much and BBW candles. My first thought was to curl up and cry the night out, but then I thought: what the hell, I’m gonna have a nice lonely Christmas. Image result for scandinavian family christmas
If you’re spending this Christmas or New Year alone, here are my 5 things to do on Christmas on your own. Let the lonely Christmas begin!
Cook a nice dinner
I don’t cook myself, and in mine, you can find anything from paper towels to extra light bulbs, but I do believe that cooking yourself a nice Christmas dinner is a great ay to appreciate yourself. Start with the easiest dishes like salad or mashed potatoes with cranberries.
Go for Holiday shopping
It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive – but it has to be for our only. Figure out, what you want to treat yourself with and buy it on December 25th or 31st, whichever lonely holiday you’re celebrating. This day most of the stores will be open until 4-5p.m. and it’s a perfect chance not to spend the whole day alone. Also, after spending a couple of hours in a hectic atmosphere, you’ll be feeling excited to get back home. Image result for macy's christmas
Dress nicely but don’t overdress
If you’re spending the whole day wearing your old pajama pants, you won’t feel any holiday spirit. Opt for something less comfortable but more cheerful: a pair of jeans and cute holiday sweater will do the job and lift up your mood a bit. Don’t overdress as in the end; you can find yourself all dressed up in front a single plate in an empty apartment – and that won’t make your happy, right?
Go some place crowded
Even for an hour or so, go to Starbucks or your local coffee shop to just spend some time with other people. Take your laptop or a book, so you’ll have something to keep you busy. If you’re an artist, try to draw a picture of someone and give it to this person – or write a short story about any of those people.
Make it a spa day
You don’t have to go to an actual spa: make yourself a warm bath with sea salt, do yourself a pedicure and manicure and do a deep hair mask or facial.Image result for spa day

This day doesn’t have to be perfect – just nice is enough.

7 thoughts on “5 things to do on lonely christmas/new year

  1. Oh sorry you have to spend your Xmas and New Year alone. But yup, agree that a good spa treat is best to get rid of that loneliness.. Also, perhaps you can download some movies to watch at home! Hope you’ll enjoy spending your weekends alone 😉

  2. I want to do everything you suggested! I would love to buy myself a gift, cook something yummy, go out for a spa day and finally relax and scroll thru Insta in a busy coffee shop. 🙂

  3. Amazing ideas thank you for sharing it! I’m sorry to hear that you have to spend your Xmas and New Year alone!

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