6 ways to cozy up for winter

It’s finally December, and I couldn’t be more happy about it! The year is almost over, and though I know it’s just a day on my calendar, I still somehow believe in the magic of the New Year’s Eve. Also, I believe that we are responsible for how we feel during the Holiday Season: depressed and stressed out – or full of joy and hopes. I like to set the mood myself, and I’ve decided to share with you six simple ways to cozy up for winter and make this season truly bright, cozy and warm.Image result for christmas 5sos layout
Candles are your best friends
Honestly, I feel that lighting a few candles is the best way to give your apartment a cozy vibe. My favorite candle for this season is Marshmellow Fireside by BBW, but you can choose any scent you like, or non-scented candle – or even a flameless candle. The point is that fire has a warm light to it and warm-colored light helps your eyes to relax.
Create your own nook
Whether you live in a big house or a small city apartment, you need a little space where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Put a nice thick rug, throw a couple of pillows and a cozy blanket, decorate with a tray with candles and paper books – and your own, personal piece of coziness is done!
Add more throw pillows, blankets, and plants
You might think: what’s the connection? Green plants will bring a pop of color -and you can also buy few pancetta plants that will bring festivity to any room. Pick up throws and pillows in gray, red and white color palette with some festive details: like reindeer or mistletoe print. baby its cold outside pillwo_
Buy a cute Christmasy mug
I have a little tradition: every year I buy a new Christmas but to cheer myself up. Another alternative – Starbucks red cups, they are (almost) always super cute and festive. Drinking your morning coffee from a lovely mug is an excellent way to start the day off.
Splurge on comfy and festive accessories
You deserve a nice gift for yourself: a cute hat, cozy scarf, chunky Christmas sweater or socks- whatever makes you feel a bit more excited for the upcoming cold season. As for me, I wear UGG boots only in winter, so every year I buy myself a new pair and feel super festive and cozy! tumblr_nxibvganfe1udn3oso1_500Change your wallpaper
It might seem too childish, but changing your phone and laptop background is the easiest way to set your mood. We all use our phones very often (too often) so seeing a nice Christmasy picture can make the day not so sucking. Or, even better, you can buy a festive case! Image result for Christmas Day

I really hope you guys like my little list of how to cozy up for winter, and I’d love to learn about yours, so leave them in the comment section!

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