check out the most romantic restaurant of Florence

15-11-2016_p8tukfb7texlqclefnIt might be just mid-November, but the time flies, and you won’t even notice when it’s already February- and February means just one thing: St. Valentine’s Day. I know so many people that hate this day because it’s so hard to impress your partner after all the romantic movies she or he watched where people somehow manage to pass three controls in the airport without having a ticket.
However, I personally believe that nothing bits an old-school date with a great dinner and a long walk. And as Paris in February is absolutely depressive, take your date to Florance and impress her with the one of a kind experience at Borgo San Jacopo, the Michelin-starred restaurant of Hotel Lungarno. While just the hotel building is already a Florensian masterpiece that is a Renaissance splendor of Florence itself, Borgo San Jacopo will make a perfect location for your romantic dinner or to celebrate a special occasion.
You can enjoy the view of the Florentine river while enjoying Tuscan and Italian cuisine interpreted by the Michelin-starred chef Peter Brunel and desserts by Loretta Fanella.
If you’re planning to spend in Florance more time, you should visit one of the Spoon nights at the restaurant, where you can participate in gastronomical theme nights and taste five courses menus by the chef Peter Brunel who combines tradition with innovation to create his gastronomical masterpieces.
Now, when your mouth is already watering, go to Lungarno Collection website and check it out yourself! Buzzoole

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