10 ways to relax: alcohol and online shopping excluded

Life can be stressful sometimes, and we all need a place and activity to distress and unwind from time to time. Whether it was a busy day/week or you’re just feeling overwhelmed, I personally find that doing simple things that don’t require any extra activity or imagination is the best way to relax and recharge. I hope my ten ways to relax will come handy and you’ll enjoy your time!
1. write something
Even if you’re not a writer and never enjoyed literature class at school, writing helps you to make up your mind and clean your thoughts. Whatever it will be, journaling, fan fiction, novels or screenplays, writing can calm down and inspire you to make more out of your life.
2. sing alone
You may not be Adele, but it shouldn’t stop you from having fun: play your favorite tune and sing alone for 30 minutes and you’ll notice that your stress has stepped back. I personally prefer to start with sad/angry songs and slowly move to more cheerful tunes.
3. listen to instrumental music
Try to avoid loud music that has a drum in it, and go for more light and gentle melodies. It doesn’t have to be classic music you can listen to instrumental versions of your favorite songs as long as they are soft and calming.
4. clean up your apartment
Routine work helps you to calm your thoughts. Divide your apartment into sections and clean up one section at a time. It’s not just a nice way to relax when your frustrated or bored, but will also improve your life when you finally trash all those junk you’ve collected so far.
5. read
Again, it doesn’t have to be Crime and Punishment. You can go online and google anything that comes to your mind, or read a fanfic on your favorite movie or book, or you can read about this day hundred year ago. Any reading can help you to stop thinking about your problems and travel into other reality at least for 30 minutes. I would suggest excluding any current news and Twitter (because it’s full of crap).
6. enjoy the life behind your window
You don’t have to go outside, don’t worry. Just sit on your window seal (put a chair near the window) and watch. It’s calming to look at the passersby while you are in the comfort of your own home. I, sometimes, like to lay on the floor/bed and look up at the sky.
7. come up with outfits for the upcoming week
If you’re someone like me, your everyday struggle is “I hate this,” “this is too small,” “God, why I bought this” and “oh, fuck it, I’ll wear the same as yesterday.” If you’re already late, picking clothes for the day is a hell of a stressor, so I would recommend to take some time and come up with a few different “emergency” outfits that will save your nerves (and time) when you in a rush.
8. watch a movie
NOT just a movie. A movie that you love with all of your heart, the one you saw literally 14689 times and you still love it. You need to have a movie that is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re sad, happy, stressed or bored. If you don’t have such movie yet, it’s a perfect time to find it. (btw, I love Taxi (2,3,4) a lot).
9. clean your laptop/phone
You have no idea how much trash you have on your devices until you actually go and start cleaning it up. Delete all the music you don’t listen anymore, all the photos that you don’t find meaningful and all those apps you have no idea why you downloaded them.
10. make a list of 10 things you are thankful for
When we’re sad, we tend to forget about good things in our lives and focus only on how bad we feel and what we don’t have. However, we always want people to be grateful that we do something for them and we get angry if they’re not. Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with even one thing, but be persistent and in the end, you’ll notice that you went farther than just ten.

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