My little holiday gift guide is here❣
Don’t forget to comment below which of the option you liked better – and what you’re planning to buy to give your loved ones!Cute slippers are always a great holiday gift option! These ones are by the brand Loki and are so adorable! I love these flats because they’re made of crushed velvet and are not just super soft and comfortable to wear but ask super cute and festive!Perfumes are one of my favorite things to give to those I’m the closest with! Shopping for gorgeous scents is my bad mood remedy – it gives me a sense of calmness when I’m surrounded by scents. Also, I just love watching people I care about discovering new scents💕If your mom/sister/best friend is makeup addict, give them something that they will not just use – but also that they will put on display. I love this Louboutin lipstick that is made in a form of a Christmas tree ornament. It’s very stylish and any makeup lover would be so excited to get it!A nice watch is another great gift! Doesn’t matter, if you wear it to know time or just as an accessory- just pick something classy and timeless! Btw, with the code RAI15 you’ll get 15%off your purchase (combines with other offers on website), including holiday watch+cuff bundles that saves 10%❣My last gift idea is perfect for your classmates/co-workers – a nice case phone is always a needed item just make sure to pick a good quality case, like this one💙


A couple of days ago, I went to VS at 5th Avenue store to take a look at their exclusive pieces made in collaboration with Balmain. 
This collab marks the very first time the lingerie brand teamed up with a high-end designer for runway looks and a retail collection.
The edgy-meets-sexy punk aesthetic was right up Balmain’s and VS’s alley. “We believe in the same kind of woman, a powerful lady, a strong and confident, sexy girl that knows what she wants,” Rousteing commented on the new collection.
The result on the runway included ultra-studded leather jackets, laced-up over-the-knee boots, and all of the plaid, safety pins, spikes, and chains you thought possible.
So, how you like the collection? Comment down below!

my perfume collection: 2017 edition

I am a perfume addict❣ I love trying new scents and I really hope that one day I’ll fell in love completely with a nice perfume. I like many fragrances and I have a little collection, so I’ve decided to share it with you❣
Let’s start with the last two perfumes that I’ve discovered: Black Opium Pure Illusion and Black Opium Sparkle  💕They both are variations of original Black Opium with base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and coffee ☕ I like them both, perfect for fall and (hopefully 😂) winter.

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum by YSL
Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot, Calone, Pear, Orange Flower, Jasmin Sambac, White Peony, Datura, Patchouli, White Musk, Ambrox, Cedarwood, Crystal Moss.
It’s passionate, sensual and sophisticated. To me, it smells more fruity than flowery but it’s very soft and will be great for middle of spring!

Aldehyde 44 Dallas by Le Labo
Notes: aldehydes, tuberose, jasmine, narcissus, woods, and musk.
It’s a unisex scent, very floral, woody and sparkly. I didn’t have enough time to test it but I’d say it requires specific style (monochrome and leather), but I’m gonna test it out more and update you guys on this!

Florabotanica by Balenciaga 
Notes: Carnation, Wild Mint, Turkish Rose Essence, Hemp Leaves, Vetiver Roots, White Amber. 
Beautiful. Dangerous. Rare.
I’m currently on my second bottle (which I have since summer 2013). I bought a 30ml bottle in spring 2013 because of Kristen Stewart ( the inspiration behind this scent), and I loved it so much that I’ve used it up in few weeks and bought a big one. And I hate it now (lol) But I’m trying to use it up, it’s good for May and June.

Tuberose by Roja Perfumes
Sweet – Fresh, Fruity, Soft, & Very Sensual
Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Orange Blossom, Jasmin de Grasse, Tuberose, Cistus, Peach, Plum, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Musk.
I really like it but not for me:( it’s way too mature and heavy, and I don’t like how it works with my body chemistry. But it’s a really beautiful scent and I’m gonna keep it for now.

Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima
I discovered this scent when I was a teen but only recently decided to actually buy it. It’s chocolaty but it’s pretty light, and it’s a great scent for when you’re feeling you wanna smell like a patisserie 🍫

Red Vanilla by Zara
Have no idea why I have this one but I’m using it in my closets.

La Mia Perla by La Perla
Notes: Mandarin, White Pepper, Sambac Jasmine, White Peony, Orris, Silky Suede Ambrox, Muscenone, and Sandalwood.
I don’t have an actual bottle but I have a mini travel version, and I think it’s a very nice and cute scent to wear on daily basis.

So guys, have you tried any of these scents? And what are some perfumes that you like?


If there is something you should know about me – I L.O.V.E. Halloween. And every single year I tell myself: this year, I’m gonna have the best costume out there. In August, I’m anticipating how I’m gonna be shopping my new costume, in September I’m waiting for all the Halloween stores to open, and on Halloween day I’m like: okay, I’m just gonna wear cat ears.
It’s actually really hard to find a costume that doesn’t look cheap and, well, slutty – BUT I have actually found a place to shop for gorgeous Halloween costumes – HIPS AND CURVES USE MY CODE raina20 for 20% off your order

They carry sizes 10 to 28 and it’s a perfect destination for sexy gorgeous lingerie (and, Halloween costumes, duh).
This year, I’ve picked Soft Cotton Bell Sleeve Dress that you can wear both as a shirt under this amazing Striped Victorian Bustle Skirt – or as a piece of lingerie that is super sexy and comfy. And to top off this sexy Victorian look – Isabelle Double Steel Boned Underbust Corset. All the pieces are super versatile so you can play around – like I did! I wore the skirts as a dress with the corset and I think it looks amazing!


It’s done: New York Fashion Week is officially over and I went to just 3 shows this time as I got super lazy – but, I’ve been watching it from aside all the time.Zimmermann RS18 0392
Traditionally, after the week is over, I share with you guys my favorite looks and little comments – sometimes witty, sometimes cute, sometimes just angry (lol).
Unfortunately, most designers are not nearly done with past years so there were lots of colors, silly prints, baggy and asymmetric clothes and just basically I’m so done with those. Can we just accept the fact we’re leaving in an era when it’s so hard to come up with something new – and just stop pulling ideas from the past and try to be just effortlessly classy, and simple, and don’t pretend we’re leaving in the 80’s or 90’s.
Maybe it’s time to accept that past is past – and, you know, move on?Idan Cohen PO HC RF17 0005Idan Cohen PO HC RF17 0011IDAN COHENMARCHESA NOTTE/RESORTShoji RS18 1355Shoji RS18 1368TADASHI SHOJIKors RS18 0030Kors RS18 0107Kors RS18 0218MICHAEL KORS COLLECTIONJosie Natori PO RS18 0006Josie Natori PO RS18 0015JOSIE NATORINaeem Khan RS18 0866Naeem Khan RS18 0904Naeem Khan RS18 0923Naeem Khan RS18 0983NAEEM KHAN – WHAT THE HELL IS ON HER FACELa Petite Robe RS18 1968CHIARA BONI LA PETITEDe La Renta bks M RS18 0638OSCAR DE LA RENTAZimmermann RS18 0314ZIMMERMANNLanyu RS18 6495Lanyu RS18 6726Lanyu RS18 6906LANYURoland RS18 0066Roland RS18 0082Roland RS18 0168Roland RS18 0181PAMELLA ROLANDMurad HC RF17 0217Murad HC RF17 0241Murad HC RF17 0296Murad HC RF17 0420Murad HC RF17 0486ZUHAIR MURADMichael Costello RS18 0522MICHAEL COSTELLOMARCHESAMACDUGGAL

Hot Summer Nights Lingerie

Hot summer nights…. Lately, I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and I’ve decided to explore the world of lingerie and found this amazing website that has dozens of super cute stuff, including lounge wear.

I usually shop at VS for something on the sexy yet not slutty side, and I was really surprised to find something with the same nice quality and pretty designs. This Dark Romance Black Camisole with Shorts immediately stole my heart.
It’s a little bit see-through, so when you put it on you immediately feel super sexy and seductive – but since it’s black and doesn’t have many details except lace, it doesn’t look too much or vulgar.

The fabric is super soft and almost weightless – which is perfect for those hot summer nights. OR, you can wear it in winter to add some warmth – #yaknowhatimean.

So guys, what’s your favorite lingerie brand?

Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons – Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition

Recently, I went to Met to see yet another fashion exhibition Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons – and now I have a lot to say (lol).
Maybe it’s just me, and I should’ve been banned from fashion community and never be allowed to go to fashion weeks, but I definitely didn’t get it. The first moment I walked into the room, I immediately thought of mental institutions and creepy American Horror Story outfits.
The exhibition “examines Kawakubo’s fascination with interstitiality or the space between boundaries. In Kawakubo’s work, this in-between space is revealed as an aesthetic sensibility, establishing an unsettling zone of oscillating visual ambiguity that challenges conventional notions of beauty, good taste, and fashionability. A thematic exhibition, rather than a traditional retrospective, this is The Costume Institute’s first monographic show on a living designer since the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in 1983.”
The exhibition features approximately 140 examples of Kawakubo’s womenswear designs for Comme des Garçons, dating from the early 1980s to her most recent collection. Objects are organized into nine dominant and recurring aesthetic expressions of interstitiality in Kawakubo’s work: Absence/Presence, Design/Not Design, Fashion/Anti-Fashion, Model/Multiple, High/Low, Then/Now, Self/Other, Object/Subject, and Clothes/Not Clothes.
So, guys, what do you think?